Why You Need Ageless Male

There can be a time when you start to lose your youthful energy and vigor, making your life dull and blue. Once men pass beyond their middle years, many of them tend to experience this unpleasant and unwelcome change, leaving them less active and drained. Most of the people who face this situation don’t even know what exactly is causing this weariness. Often people think that this is part of the aging process, and don’t pay much attention. People usually take this case more seriously, only when they face some other health related issues like reduced sex drive, loss of muscle, weight gain, etc. Are you feeling lousy? So what is causing this lousiness and poor body functioning? Often it is the low testosterone levels in one’s body that is causing these undesirable changes. Literally low testosterone affects almost everything in a human body. It affects your brain, muscles and

Who Are Eligible For Medical Cannabis?

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Medical Cannabis is a repeatedly apparent term in the media. If you are not exposed to marijuana products, and know very little about it, I am sure you might wonder what medical marijuana is, and what the medical benefits of Cannabis are, if in fact any. In certain states in America, marijuana is legalized for the medical use of people with certain type of listed debilitating medical conditions. This list of debilitating medical conditions includes chronic seizures, HIV/AIDS, cancer and other chronic illnesses. With a proper description from the physician, patients can get a limited amount of Cannabis for smoking or other forms of consumption, from state-licensed dispensaries in their respective states. One of the huge concerns of anti marijuana activists in those states where medical marijuana laws prevail, is that there are high possibilities for the abuse of medical pot laws, where people without any health problems draft fraudulent

Marijuana Related Crimes On Rise In Colorado

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In the wake of the state’s liberal policy on marijuana, reports suggest that the number of marijuana-related crimes is increasing enormously in Colorado. Burglars find it an extremely lucrative business to steal matured marijuana plants from state-licensed dispensaries, or individuals who grow pot legally. In fact, people who invest in harvesting Cannabis are facing huge financial liabilities due to unexpected burglaries. The latest burglary in Colorado was reported from Colorado Springs on Friday. Burglars stole about forty matured pot plants from the Green Earth Wellness Center located in block 500 of the 30th Street in the early morning. Although the growers were requested by the media for a face-to-face interview, they declined it. They were found emotionally distressed due to the huge financial liability the burglars have left them with. The owner said that it was the third time that burglars had broken into his farm, since opening the centre

Vermont To Decriminalize Possession Of Limited Amount Of Pot

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In line with many of the US States, Vermont has decided to decriminalize the possession of limited amounts of cannabis. Earlier, the state law considered possession of up to two ounces of pot as a misdemeanor, and the defaulters were subject to punishment of up to six months in jail. If the defaulters had a history of a similar offence, they were liable to face up to two years of imprisonment. The change in the state’s marijuana policy comes as a result of the recently hiked demand for legalizing Cannabis. The Media likens the Vermont pot laws to the Ohio marijuana laws. The decision triggered a mixed reaction among people. Shumlin, a Democrat representative, said, “This change just makes common sense. Our limited resources should be focused on reducing abuse and addiction of opiates like heroin and meth rather than cracking down on people for having very small amounts of

Medbox Plans To Introduce Marijuana Vending Machines


The decision by Colorado and Washington to legalize marijuana for recreational use has in fact surprised many in USA and around the world. You may be even more surprised to hear that Medbox MDBX, a patented dispensing machine technology, is planned to be used in vending machines that dispense medical marijuana products in dispensaries. A report suggests that Medbox is planning to dominate the legalized Cannabis business. The people of Colorado and Washington have an apt answer to the question “why should marijuana be legalized.” Contrary to the eighteen states in the USA where marijuana is legal for medical use, these two states have gone a mile farther, legalizing pot for recreational use. Several drug business industries believe that they could make a big profit had they ventured into pot related business. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Medbox would sell legal marijuana worth of $1.7 billion this year. The figures may

Reforms In Colorado Marijuana Laws

The Colorado marijuana laws allow its residents over the age of 21 to cultivate, possess and use marijuana recreationally. However, the recent reforms in the pot laws aim to control the limit of marijuana consumption for drivers. As per the latest provision included in the Colorado marijuana legislation, it would set a pre-defined limit of THC level acceptable in the driver’s blood. At present, Colorado drivers are convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana, only if the prosecutors prove that the amount of THC in their body was affecting their driving skills. However, the new law mandates that anyone caught with more than five nanogram of THC per milliliter of blood would face severe consequences. Marijuana facts say that driving under the influence of pot is the second largest reason for road accidents in the United States, following alcohol. However, determining the effects of marijuana on the driver is

Consequential Effects Of Pot Consumption

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Although marijuana contains therapeutic properties, the improper consumption of pot may lead to unfavorable results. While the majority of the Americans and hundreds of pro marijuana organizations demand for the legalization of cannabis, it is important to note some of the consequential marijuana facts. The effects of marijuana depend upon a number of factors, such as the place it was cultivated, the climate, the variation of the plant strain, the mode of cultivation, and finally the route of ingestion. All these factors together decide the high and the effect it creates on the pot smoker. Using marijuana without a proper consultation with a physician causes a number of problems. The problems most often reported resulting from the use of marijuana are as follows. Road accidents People operating vehicles after consuming marijuana have caused a number of road accidents in America. Pot smoking negatively affects a person’s ability to operate a

Regulatory Measures To Control Marijuana Use And Trade In Ohio

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Medical marijuana has been legalized in around 20 states in the United States. Though the federal laws oppose its use, and still consider marijuana as illegal, the state lawmakers are on the run to implement marijuana laws by state, which would regulate pot use in the state jurisdictions. Ohio legalized marijuana use for its residents, stressing upon the numerous medical benefits of weed. However, the Ohio marijuana laws are very strict, which aim to regulate the drug use as well as marijuana businesses in the state. The regulations include penalties ranging from minor misdemeanors that do not create criminal records to felonies, where the accused may get an imprisonment sentence up to eight years. Any breach of laws on marijuana may also lead to suspension from the job, and deferral of the driver’s license for a period of six months to five years. Mandatory minimum sentence laws in Ohio The

Illegal Pot Cultivation In Public Lands Triggers Stringent Federal Action

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Illegal Pot Cultivation in the lands under the control of federal government has reportedly angered the federal government authorities, inducing them to take stringent action against pot use throughout the country. It has been reported that a large chunk of public land in the remote wilderness of southern Utah is being used by Mexican cartel groups to cultivate marijuana. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Sue Thomas said that “They have taken over our lands for illegal pot cultivation. They have no state in Utah. They are abusing our lands for their own profits.”-she said. A number of such cases of illegally harvesting cannabis had been reported in the Western United States over the past few years. Federal agents Sue Thomas, Sen. Orrin Hatch etc contemplate on boosting criminal penalties for the defaulters of its laws. The discussions on implementing and boosting severe penal measures against illegal pot cultivation began two years ago

Ohio Considers Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana

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The state of Ohio now considers the bill that proposes to legalize medical cannabis by amending the Ohio marijuana laws throughout the state. The bill introduced by Rep. Robert Hagan envisages making the use of medical cannabis legal. In addition to this, he also proposes a statewide poll on the issue. The co sponsor of this House Joint Resolution 6 is Rep. Foley and as per the resolution, the issue would be put to vote during November this year. According to the proposals in the House Bill 153, individuals can possess and use medical marijuana in “debilitating medical conditions or symptoms associated with the debilitating medical condition.” However, strong opposition to the bill has already come up. Ohio Task Force Commander’s Association President John Burke is among those who strongly oppose the move by Rep. Hagan. He says, “This is not the first time; he hasn’t had much success, or